Responding to literature: Students learn to identify personal ideas, experiences and opinions about literary texts and discuss them with others. They learn how to recognise areas of agreement and difference, and how to develop and refine their interpretations through discussion and argument (see ACARA).
Site Name
Primary Wall
Interactive wall
Primary Wall allows you to create sticky notes. It is a great tool to use when brainstorming topics, or sharing ideas about topics. Can easily record names to ideas that are shared.
Prezi uses a "path" tool to let you create a groovy moving presentation that starts at one thought and moves to the next. Images and web links can be easily inserted into the presentation (see Tools In Action for our example).
A collaborative multimedia slideshow

Voicethread and be used to collaborate, engage and connect. Group conversations are collected and shared (see Tools In Action for our example).
Wordles are used For generating “word clouds” from text. Can be used as a brainstorming or point of view sharing port. The clouds give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source text. You can tweak your clouds with different fonts, layouts, and color schemes Can print them out, save or embed them (see Insight into Education for our example).
Tagul Word clouds
Tagul is a web service that enables you to create various shaped tag clouds. Add text by typing or copying and pasting, then choose your desired shape, colour and font.
Wall Wisher
Interactive wall
Wall Wisher allows you to create notes in your own workspace wall. A great tool to use in the classroom when brainstorming. You can share ideas with others by allowing access or providing the URL (see Collaboration for our example).
"Wiggio is the easiest way to communicate and work in groups". It allows you to work collaboratively, send messages, voice messages and store files in one folder. Perfect for sharing docs and information across a classroom.
Vocaroo Voice recorder
A tool that allows you to easily embed audio or send as a voice message. A great way for children to share ideas about different topics. An easy tool for children to use.
EduGlogster Interactive posters
A tool to create interactive posters. Allows for sharing ideas, collaborative projects and allows for creativity. Can be saved into EduGlogster or the complete poster embedded into a site (see Home Page for our example). Brainstorming tool
Allows for group brainstorming or collaboratively sharing ideas. When complete may be printed, or embedded into a site, wiki or blog or saved as a picture file.
Webspiration Mindmapping
A mindmapping tool to map out ideas, share thoughts and feelings with others and collaborate online. Allows for creativity and can be saved in webspiration or can be embedded into a site, wiki or blog.
Study Zone Point of view
This site assists children to find out the difference between first person and third person points of view.