Multimodal literacy: what does it mean for classroom practice? Maureen Walsh (2010) 'This paper discusses the results of ongoing research, specifically focusing on a study conducted in nine primary classrooms (K-6) in Sydney during 2008. The aim of the research was to investigate the literacy strategies that students need for reading and writing with multimodal texts; and to identify the most appropriate pedagogy for combining print-based with digital technologies. The results of the study provide specific examples of how teachers and students can engage with digital communication.'

Helping teachers to explore multimodal texts Michèle Anstey & Geoff Bull (2010) A comprehensive discussion defining multimodal texts and professional value for integrating multimodal texts into classroom.

Dotcom Kids go with the Digital Flow Kathleen Donaghey The Sunday Mail (2011) An interesting article reflecting on Generation Z's progression through the education system and how the fact they are the only generation to have been born into our technological world, is forcing teachers to rethink the way they teach.

The multimodal writing process:changing practices in contemporary classrooms by Christine Joy Edwards-Groves (2010) This paper presents research exploring 'writing and text construction' practices in contemporary primary classrooms. In particular, the ways 17 teachers and their students engaged with technologies in the construction of classroom texts.

Adopting Educational Technology to Enhance the Marketing Curriculum: Is it Worth the Effort? by Dawn Birch, Michael Sankey and Michael Gardiner (2010) This paper presents the findings of an experiment which measured the impact of multiple representations of content on learning outcomes.

Pedagogy in the multimodal classroom: an analysis of the challenges and opportunities for teachers. Josephine Ryan, Anne Scotta; Maureen Walsh (2010) ‘What knowledge do teachers need to teach in the contemporary context where texts are elaborately multimodal, constructed not just of print but of image, sound, and movement?’ This paper proposes some signposts to assist teachers with navigating in this environment.

Mulitmodal Learning Through Media: What the Research Says By Metiri Group – Commissioned by Cisco (2008) An article which explores the benefits of teaching using multimodal resources.

Research Review: Multimodal Learning through media by Laila Weir (2008) This is is a review of the above report and it lists five rules for varying your teaching methods to help students learn more.

"Multi-modal" learning" by David Lazear. (2008) This short article helps educators use different styles of teaching to introduce multimodal learning into the classroom.

Literacy, learning Preferences and Multimedia by John Vincent (2007). A paper discussing the recognition and understanding of the role of learning preferences in creativity of text production is fundamental to literacy education planning, and that for some students, the only avenue for creative expression is an integration of a variety of semiotic modes derived from all of the Arts through multimedia.

Living Literacy Marcelle Holliday (2007) The focus of this paper highlights the importance of involving children, from their first year at school, in literacy activities that mirror how literacy is used in today’s world so that teachers help to lay the best foundation for students’ future success.

Position Statement on Multimodal Literacies- A summary statement developed by the Multimodal Literacies Issue Management Team of the NCTE Executive Committee (2005)

Reading Visual and Multimodal Texts: How is Reading Different? Maureen Walsh (2004) This paper examines the differences between reading print-based texts and multimodal texts within the context of changed literacy practices.