Examining Literature

Examining literature: Students learn how to explain and analyse the ways in which stories, characters, settings and experiences are reflected in particular literary genres, and how to discuss the appeal of these genres. They learn how to compare and appraise the ways authors use language and literary techniques and devices to influence readers. They also learn to understand, interpret, discuss and evaluate how certain stylistic choices can create multiple layers of interpretation and effect (see ACARA).
Site Name
Games Classroom Fact or Opinion Game
Children are given different statements and must determine which are facts and which are opinions. Throughout are short animated videos highlighting facts and opinions. Ideal for Interactive Whiteboard.
Study Zone Point of view
This site assists children to find out the difference between first person and third person points of view.
in poetry
Examples and definition of alliteration in poetry that can be recited and performed by students.
Preschool Library
A collection of animated poems that lend themselves to be recited and performed by students. Click the "online story link" for each of these topics that are all written in verse format. Suitable activities are also available. Themes are babies, bath time, colours of the rainbow, gorillas, pets, shapes, teddy bears and engine nine.
Whootie Owl - Readers' Theatre
There are many plays listed here - not all Early Years level but great for Primary school children. A personal favourite for Year 2 is "A Caterpillar's Voice". The beauty of this site is you have access to the play script, the story it's based on, and a wide selection of reading & writing exercises, to boot. Apologies for the high amount of advertising but it helps make the resources free!
Giggle Poetry
A site full of funny poetry for children. Some of the many features of this site include tongue twisters, poetry writing tips, poetry reader's theatre and word games. A favourite site for both teachers and children!