Creating Texts: Students apply knowledge they have developed in other strands and sub-strands to create with clarity, authority and novelty a range of spoken, written and multimodal texts that entertain, inform and persuade audiences. They do so by strategically selecting key aspects of a topic as well as language, visual and audio features. They learn how to edit for enhanced meaning and effect by refining ideas, reordering sentences, adding or substituting words for clarity, and removing repetition. They develop and consolidate a handwriting style that is legible, fluent and automatic, and that supports sustained writing. They learn to use a range of software programs including word processing software, selecting purposefully from a range of functions to communicate and create clear, effective, informative and innovative texts (see ACARA).
Site Name
CogDogRoo wiki
Over 60 story creating tools
A wonderful wiki that highlights over 60 story creating tools to use with children in the classroom. This wiki has direct links as well as an explanation of how educators can use the tool.
FunBrain Pick a story
A fun site that invites the user to choose particular words (nouns, adjectives etc) and add to a list. On completion of the list the words then added to a wacky tale. Children will find their creative stories very funny!
Read Write Think Flip Book
This is a simple book making site. Children and teachers can type and illustrate up to 10 pages of a book then print their creation to share with others.
ZooBurst 3D digital storytelling tool
ZooBurst is a digital storytelling tool that lets anyone easily create his or her own 3D pop-up books. As a teacher you can create your own account and also one for the children to access. Very user friendly (see Tools in Action for our example).
British Council Story maker
Story Maker provides visual prompts children can select to create the main parts of a story. Once parts are chosen Story Maker produces a full story for the children to read and share.
Scholastic Story starters
Story Starters invites children to hit four buttons on the story starter machine. Once the Story Starter is created children choose the type of genre they are going to write and illustrate.
Scratch Create and share your own story,
music, art
An interactive site that needs to be downloaded first. You can create your own movies, art, music and animations.
Kids Com Write me a story
Write Me a Story invites children to try their writing skills, share their imagination, read fun stories and even maybe be published on the internet!
BAB Books Create your own 'silly story'
BAB Books invites children to add a range of words (nouns, verbs, adjectives etc) to a planning list and then see them created into a fanatstic story!
Storybird Collaborative storytelling
Storybird are short, art inspired stories teachers and students can make to read, share and print.
MeeGenius Online story creator
A collection of illustrated books that teachers can share with their class. Audio, playback, word highlighting and personalisation functions are also available.
Create your own play
Children select characters and write lines for them using a simple scenario. Each character is identified by a picture with their dialogue beside their picture.
Read Write Think Create a letter
Help children learn about the parts of a letter with this letter generator.
Comic Brush
Create and share a comic using any combination of your own drawings, photos or art works. A great selection of backgrounds, characters and speech balloons available to make your comic come to life.
Kerpoof is a creative mulimedia site that allows children and teachers to create art works, animated movies, make stories, greeting cards and much more.
ToonDoo is a cool, comic-creating tool. ToonDoo is a unique place for free and customizable online games for children of all abilities. You can drag-drop or click to create comic strips that express your views, opinions, angst or to just have fun.
Read Write Think Comic creator
A simple comic site in which children can create comics with 1, 3, 6 or 9 panels. They can select from a small range of images for people, props and backgrounds.
Bitestrips for schools
Bitstrips for Schools is an educational tool that engages students using a medium they love - Comics! It is a site you have to sign up for, but you can get a 30 day free trial.
Read Write Think Shape poem
A fun way to learn about writing shape poems. Children can print out their poem when they are finished if they want to.
Scholastic Poetry idea engine
A site that teaches children how to write a limerick, a haiku, a cinquain and free verse. When you select a style of poetry to learn about, you are given a simple explanation and a close to complete. Could be too complex for some children but would provide a challenge if one is needed.
Read Write Think Acrostic poems
After providing a definition of an acrostic poem, this site guides you through the process of creating an acrostic poem. On completion, you can print, save or embed the poem.


Formation of Letters
Ideally used on an interactive whiteboard - a simple tool to allow practice and demonstration for developing the formation of letters. Thickness of the pencil can be altered.